Asian Relocation Association
"The Mark of Relocation Excellence in Asia"

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Welcome to Asian Relocation Association

ASIA is home to world's oldest civilizations. It is world's largest continent and is larger than the moon. It is where world's highest mountain "Mount Everest" is situated. It is World's most populated Continent with the two most populated and China and India in it ASIA's boundaries extend from the Suez Canal and Ural Mountains in the west to the South of the Caucausus Mountains and Caspian and Black Seas. Also to the North is the Arctic Ocean and to the South is the Indian Ocean and to the Far Eas the Pacific Ocean. It is home to three of the top four economies in the world China, Japan and India and is home to 1100+ Ethinic communities .

Distinctive Features

We don't let any company join the association just because they can pay the membership fee or they say they have 20 trucks and a 200,000 cft warehouse where as they may not have a single truck and a small room in their home as their warehouse-This is why ARA's membership committee confirms through reliable sources (in some cases physically also ) if what they are saying is true and secondly checks their financial status and market credibility.


Asia is different from rest of the world as every country has a different language, culture and mindset…Some countries are full of mountains, some are dry and some are extremely humid...Some like to eat Rotis and some like rice..So we are talking about a good cultural and economic mix of societies beautifully arranged over a huge mass of land called – Asia – Exotic Asia. Since there are several differences – people think and act differently as their actions seem right to them

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