About Us.

About Us

Asian Relocation Association is proud to be Asia's Relocation Association because ASIA is home to world's oldest civilizations. It is world's largest continent and is larger than the moon. It is where world's highest mountain "Mount Everest" is situated. It is World's most populated Continent with the two most populated and China and India in it ASIA's boundaries extend from the Suez Canal and Ural Mountains in the west to the South of the Caucausus Mountains and Caspian and Black Seas. Also to the North is the Arctic Ocean and to the South is the Indian Ocean and to the Far Eas the Pacific Ocean. It is home to three of the top four economies in the world China, Japan and India and is home to 1100+ Ethnic communities .
It is where 200 or more languages are spoken and is where many religions including Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Confucian/Taoism etc are practiced. ASIA is where 25% of the population is under 20 years which makes it the leading continent in the coming years and where people from all over the world want to work, live or enjoy their vacation.