Distinctive Features

Distinctive Features

Selective Screening of Membership-Everybody is NOT welcome :

We don’t believe in what an applicant mentions on the application form i.e. 20,000 sq. feet warehouse, 100 trucks etc. – ARA’s membership committee confirms through reliable sources (in some cases physically also) if what they are saying is true and secondly checks their financial status and market credibility. Once every detail is confirmed the applicant company is asked if they will abide by the rules of ARA membership and after their affirmation, they are approved as members. This strict membership criterion has resulted in a very selective membership all over Asia. Members feel secure as they know that in ARA they will be listed along with some very reputed companies from All over Asia.

Limited Number of members from Each Country :

ARA does not believe in numbers -we are interested in giving membership to finest small/midsize Moving or Relocation companies owned by a national of the country-if you look into our membership directory you may not find big moving or relocation chains but you will surely find lots of reliable companies from all over Asia which really control the market. And in order to keep things going in a disciplined manner ARA has decided to take limited number of members from each country depending on the size of the country and the relocation market..For example small countries like Nepal and Srilanka will have only one member each whereas countries like China and India will have up to 8-10 members equally spread out in all cities.

Independence to Members :

ARA does not force its members to use their fellow members even if their rates are high, ARA members are allowed to keep their identity and their existing relationships.However they are expected to ask for quotes from their fellow members wherever possible.

Division of labour :

ARA wants its members to feel responsible for the association and in order to make it happen the work has been decentralized i.e.all members must work for the association. Almost every member is involved in a committee and it is great to see that feeling of friendship and brotherhood has increased within the past six years.and as a result business improved automatically.

30 days credit on all invoices :

All ARA members enjoy a 30 days unconditional credit from their fellow members without investing large amounts and the ARA board is personally responsible for getting unpaid invoices paid if any.

In house arbitration of issues :

In case there is an issue between two members or between an ARA member and an outside company, ARA board is available 24/7 to solve the issue. We believe in timely justice for everyone in a friendly manner.

A general meeting every six months :

As the best of the privately owned companies are members of ARA, they are always busy and sometimes they are not in a position to attend the IAM convention every year, hence ARA board holds meetings every six months, once during March in Asia and the second one during the IAM convention.

Cheap hotels during International conventions

ARA books blocks of rooms at discounted rates at a hotel near the convention hotel thus members save a lot of room rent, you can say that ARA board refunds the membership fee paid by its members in form or hotel room rent savings every year…a valued added service from the association to its members.

An address at IAM conventions :

Since its registration ARA has been taking a booth during IAM conventions where members have to man the booth on turn basis and promote ARA.

Representation of Non Attending Members at IAM convention :

ARA knows it is responsible for members who can’t make it to the IAM convention, Hence the ARA personnel hosting the booth ensure proper exposure for ARA’s non attending members as a value added service from ARA to its members.

Peace of Mind:

ARA members always look for help within the ARA community, for example if you are unable to find a reliable agent in an overseas country or if you are not very sure if the company is worth consigning the shipment or the credit-you can always ask your fellow members and your question will be answered for sure. In short ARA ensures networking between members for establishing and developing mutually beneficial business, reduce costs and improve profits, and safeguard each other’s interests without having to give up their own identity. ARA has come a long way from its humble initiation six years ago and we look forward to many more years of brotherhood and cooperation among our members.