Asia is different from rest of the world as every country has a different language, culture and mindset…Some countries are full of mountains, some are dry and some are extremely humid...Some like to eat Rotis and some like rice..So we are talking about a good cultural and economic mix of societies beautifully arranged over a huge mass of land called – Asia – Exotic Asia.
Since there are several differences – people think and act differently as their actions seem right to them although may be executed in a separate way by others..and due to several such small issues Asia didn't have its own Relocation Association which could cater to the needs and problems faced by the Asian Moving and Relocation Companies. In 2008 Nine like-minded Moving and Relocation companies met in Bangkok and decided to start a regional association and this is how ARA was formed. These 9 Persons are called 'The Founding Members'. Once ARA was formed the process of inviting personally known and well reputed like-minded companies to join ARA and as a result there were 28 attendees in ARA's first groundwork meeting held in Phuket, Thailand in March 2009.
In Phuket the general elections were held, logo was finalized, Registration process was initiated and above all the basic criteria of membership 'Honesty' were accepted by all.Today ARA has Asian Core Members in most of the Asian Countries and Overseas Associate Members in several Non-Asian countries. All these members were allowed entry into ARA after thoroughly investigating their business approach, market standing, payment policies and above all mindset of the company. This process is still applied to every new application we receive and only trusted applicants will be allowed entry into ARA.